🐾 They sleep so sound  …. the soundest of sleep … 

The sleepiest sleep one could sleep …. is the sleep that sleeps with no sound 💤💤💤

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one random thought a day 

i will contribute one new original random thought linked in some way or inspired by my daily meander through this life that is mine , thats what i decided to do from today …. You lucky lucky people ! 🙂
okay … maybe calling you lucky based on the fact you are having to learn about my thoughts may be stretching the definition of ‘luck’ to its limits … anyhow i digress … apologies …. getting back to the random thought …

So there I was , slightly bored from all my admin work I was having to do and decided to watch some of my recordings after getting tired of watching the rain lash down for 5 days straight …. hmmm …. The mentalist was duly selected , my subconcious subtley directing me to sun drenched visuals ! Also he is a quirky character Mr Patrick Jane , always sleepy and always wanting a snack … made me laugh … I so relate to that … and that got me thinking about the other quirks that I related to with the character but i kept coming back to the snack and the nap …. is it just me but isnt  everything better after a lie down and a snack or a tea or a coffee ….. I mean Sherlock Holmes  was always lying down and thinking wasnt he ? i therefore concluded I must be very intelligent and i love mysteries like the best detectives …. how good i would be at solving them only mr conan doyle could tell i suppose although i am fairly confident i would give Poirot a run for his money … lol ! 

What else did i have in common with illustrious made up detectives ? lets see , i have a thing about people as in i totally believe in their fallability and do not appreciate it in the human race , yet we must all be resigned to the fact that we are human and we have our weaknesses . 

Thats deep stuff …. lets focus on the light and superficial …. i like to piece together a picture and find clues and genrally be nosy …. another tick ! 

Thed main thing missing … a sidekick … a partner in crime … i gotta get me one of those … even better if i had a whole tram like those new fangled CSI people … but two investigators … thats a must … which led me back to my primary thought …. I love to sleep and eat and solve things that dont add up and find the real picture …. now lets just find that sidekick …. !!!!

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I am having one of those weeks ….

Everyone has them … one of those wtf is this happening to me weeks when nothing goes to plan …. in fact the something in the universe has taken upon itself to ruin everything including your power to rise above things and keep your calm …. its not like major … its incremental … slowly building over the weeks … deadlines expectations hard work … and then … zoop … nothing … re plan … re work and totally out of power …

Its okay for the universe to forget me once in a while … i ll survive … but you know those times when the universe is just remembering you so that is can give you a good kicking and reorganize your life path …. aaahhh … i hate those … just hate them ….

Well , what are the options , lets see ….

a. Take it all calmly and sink into oblivion …. yes sorry world not my style … next

b. Put up one hell of a fight – yes … its a bit draining especially when I didnt start the war in the first place ….

c. find a hole to crawl into and the universe forget you again for dumping of toxic life garbage … hmmmm …. this maybe i can do … as long as i don’t fall into total wallowing for myself mode …. that is more destructive than what the universe could ever throw at me

d. ask for help … try to share my way out of a bad time …. makes me vulnerable and dependant on others … its tough … i will try but years of being battered will probably stop me …

e. eat my out of it …. yes … that i can do …. its decided

Bring on the junk ! sod that diet and a gilmore girls marathon will make sure i repair myself enough and waste enough time to fight another day … i just want this week to be over … over i tell you …

for all those having a bad week and a bad life … join the club … feel special and find your hole to crawl into … we can do this together my friends … nothing lasts forever … i hope !

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A sunday opener

I am an old fashion kind of person in some ways …. I still like to write things down … So for my first post i thought i’d be lazy and just take a picture of my actual diary … I wont do it all the time but from time to time it will make an appearance 😉

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Hello world!

A try in general blogging ….

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